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Church of Peins

Peins - Friesland 2
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Romance and tranquility among the meadows.

Among the meadows of the village of Peins, you will enjoy luxury, peace and romance in this cozy little church. You sleep upstairs in the church on a king-size box spring. From the living room or from the lounge chairs in the garden, you can stare endlessly over the meadows or dine for hours. In winter, snuggle up on the lounge sofa in front of the fireplace. The little church has a bathroom with a rain shower and a kitchen equipped with luxury (built-in) appliances.

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The 1913 Rehoboth Church, built in a style characteristic of the time, was used for more than 75 years as an evangelistic point of the Reformed Church in Franeker. People from Peins and the surrounding area did not agree to the closure, bought the little church and began low-threshold church services on Sunday evenings. Compared to the decline in church attendance elsewhere, they were able to sustain this for a long time. Until in 2018, the little church was sold and converted into this luxury B&B.


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