Book a Holy Night
I am a church and would like to join

I am a church and I want to join

Are you the owner of a beautiful church and do you want others to be able to enjoy all the good things your church offers? We would love to collaborate. Send us an email and we will contact you.

What are the options?

• Heilige Nachten pop-up concept: Booking coordination by Heilige Nachten, 40% revenue for your church of monastry.
• Connect with your own B&B in a church of monastry. You pay a fee per year, you will handle your own booking coordination.

Why join?

• A unique way to bring the beautiful stories of your church to life and to put your church on the map for tourism.
• A steady source of income.
• A structural use of your church.
• Connection to THE know platform in NL for sleeping in churches and monastries.

What do we offer?

• Depening your choice: an unique pop-up design for the overnight stays – adapted to the possibilities within your church – or leads for your own B&B.
• Content-related support towards municipalities.
• Bookings and information provision towards your guests.
• PR and marketing.

Get in touch for more information!