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Arnhem - Gelderland from € 99
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A beautiful boutique hotel in a church in the center of Arnhem.

Take up residence in a unique hotel room that floats in the middle of the church. You have a panoramic view of the restaurant and the sky vaults. Guests never tire of talking about the special atmosphere and the feel-good comfort. And about the way you wake up: well rested after a heavenly night. The hotel has 14 hotel rooms, 8 of which are floating rooms in the middle of the church. These eye-catchers, right above our restaurant, immediately catch the eye. All rooms have a different look in which the atmosphere of the historic building is combined with contemporary design. The curtains can be closed for your privacy and perfect sound insulation is provided. A very special experience.

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    Beautiful hotel, beautiful interior, beautiful rooms, we had a delicious meal with good cocktails.

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    Breakfast was surprising! Original dishes and good service.

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    The breakfast was great, what a luxury, especially the service by the staff was super.

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church on the Spoorwegstraat was built in 1897-1898, after the church on the Korenmarkt (former warehouse “de Bontenborch”, national monument) in had become small. The design from September 1896 in Gothic Revival style is by engineer A.R. FREEM (1853-1921). The sexton's house also shows influences from the neorenaissance. For many years it was used by the Lutheran Church for its services. However, when it became known that the church community could no longer afford the maintenance and the building would therefore be relieved of its function in 2017, the Arnhemse seized entrepreneur Kreger her chance. The church was the place for the catering concept where they dreamed of for years. Moreover, she saw this cultural heritage as the ultimate 'stepping stone' for the adjacent Modekwartier. With a catering hotspot in the former church she wants shoppers from the center to the hip and multicultural Modekwartier Pull. The front door of the church is oriented towards the city center and the back door on the Modekwartier where designers have their studios and shops. Since at the end of 2022, the catering entrepreneurs of the HIMplus group and Bart & Janiek will hit the join hands to make their dream come true and make the Lutheran church the hotspot of to make Arnhem.


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