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Church of Den Ham

Den Ham - Groningen 2
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Cozy overnight stay in the Groningen countryside.

Twenty minutes from the bustling center of Groningen, you are here in the countryside at this special location. The chirping birds guide you to the front door. The church of Den Ham is small and cozy and equipped with a small kitchen and a toilet. Inside, in addition to a bench and a bed, you will find four beautiful men's sofas from the 18th and 19th centuries with beautiful carvings. You can see the bright blue ceiling from your bed. The Den Ham volunteers Wianda or Jan will let you in and possibly bring a nice breakfast to your door in the morning. In winter it is very cold in the church. Check the facilities carefully. PRICE €150 per night/2 persons. 2nd night €100.

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    What a special place to spend the night. Being awakened by the early light through the beautiful windows and the song of birds. Warm welcome. Recommended. Also a good starting point for tours through the Groninger Hogeland.

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This church located on a levee was built on the foundations of its predecessor. The final form of this hall church rounded off with a three-sided chancel arose during new construction (using old material) in 1729, as can be seen from the blue glazed roof tiles. In 1911, the building was damaged by lightning. The west wall and dormer had to be renewed. The interior is sober in blue and white with benches for the peasant families of the 18th and 19th centuries. And there are tombstones, 25 in all. The Old Groningen Churches Foundation, which now owns the church, leases it to the Den Ham Reformed Congregation. This congregation provides weekly church services. From now on, you can spend the night there in collaboration with Holy Nights.


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