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Heavens Hotel in Hoorn

Horn - Noord-Holland 2
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Hoorn's beautiful Grote Kerk has been converted into a stylish hotel.

Staying on heavenly heights in the heart of Hoorn? You can do so under the slate roof of national monument the Grote Kerk. With your head in the clouds, you enjoy yourself on historic soil. Stay overnight in one of 43 luxurious rooms and discover divine flavors at The Saint restaurant. A heavenly destination for a precious memory. When you enter Hoorn, one thing immediately stands out: the city is beautiful, atmospheric and multifaceted. You can still encounter the history of this mighty VOC city on every street corner. The warehouses, harbors and distinguished houses, truly everything exudes the prosperity of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when Hoorn still maintained trade relations with Asia. But modern Hoorn is also a feast for the eyes. From luxurious terraces, trendy fashion stores to cultural meeting places, it is all present in this port city on the Markermeer. PRICE at "Facilities".

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The Grote Kerk in Hoorn has known many guises in its history. Since the 13th century, several enlargements succeeded each other, the place of worship grew into an imposing stone church building - twice the size of today's church - with a beautiful tower and rich furnishings. Engravings still show how the former tower looked very much like that of the old St. Bavo in Haarlem. During a major fire in 1838, almost the entire building was lost, and again forty years later (in 1878). The present tower dates from 1881-1883, and is a design by C. Muysken in neo-Renaissance style. Of particular note are the brick facades with decorative brickwork and natural stone bands and blocks, unusual for a Protestant church building.


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