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Church 1621 x MADE.COM

Hoornsterzwaag - Friesland 6 from € 150
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A unique collaboration at an age-old location! New in 2022: a shower and cooking facilities. Also fit for long stay.

Optimal enjoyment in this monumental building from the year, yep. 1621. Church 1621 has been enchanted by furniture brand MADE.COM in collaboration with Heilige Nachten. An ancient building, a cool interior, and the location in the Frisian countryside make this location a unique place. With a shower, cooking facilities and heating for the colder months (for a fee). Also book a delicious breakfast or drinks board immediately - see photo - for complete pampering! So do you have plans for a romantic getaway or want an insta-worthy location for a weekend getaway with friends? This is where to go! PRICE €150 1st night obv 2 persons. All additional nights € 100

Open April through October

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    Wat een bijzondere ervaring! We hebben het heerlijk gehad en er is ontzettend goed voor ons gezorgd. Deze bijzondere plek heeft ons veel inspiratie gegeven.

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    We hebben onwijs genoten van ons nachtje in de kerk. Een heerlijke sfeer. We voelden ons gelijk thuis. Gaan slapen in een oorverdovende stilte en wakker worden van het zonlicht door de ramen (en voor David door de haan :)). Met als klap op de vuurpijl een heerlijk ontbijtje. We gaan iedereen dit prachtplekje tippen!

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This three-sided enclosed hall church was built in 1621, as can be seen by the numbers on the west facade. In 1856, the church was extensively rebuilt. The year of the first belfry is unfortunately not known, but the current one was made in 2007, containing the original 1688 bell by Pertus Overney. Every Saturday at 5:30 p.m. it still sounds by volunteers. In 1985, Church 1621 was divested by the church congregation. Sietse de Jong from Hoornsterzwaag will take over the little church for a symbolic amount of 1 euro, thus preserving the little church for the area. Since 1988, the current foundation has owned it. This current board has also organized the return of the original bell in a new belfry. Fun activities are still occasionally organized during the winter months for donors and community members. August 2021 marks the church's 400th anniversary!!! After years of being used as a studio by a painter, you can now spend the night there in collaboration with Holy Nights.


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